What is e-chem-car

What Is

Chem-E Car is a prototype car powered by chemical reaction designed to carry a particular load to move and stop accurately at a certain distance by ensuring the safety aspect of the vehicle. It represents a small Plant that proceeds from raw material to product (car's movement) The research focused on mechanical elements, power source to run the car, stopping mechanism reaction that needs to perform accurately, & electrical sensors.

Past Achievements

Past Achievements

1st Place Race

PGD UI 2022

Held offline in Minneapolis, USA. Our win has shocked the international world since we are the first ASEAN country to win such a competition. It was fueled by our determination to keep going

Past Achievements

1st Place Race

AIChE 2017

Held Offline in Minneapolis, USA. It shocks the International World because it's the first time ASEAN Country has won the competition held for 15+ Years. The determination that keeps us moving forward

Past Achievements

2nd Place Race

VDI Germany 2021

Held by the Germany Engineering Association, We faced challenge from teams around the world. The biggest challenge is to ensure the safety details & build single mechanism that could start the car immediately.

Past Achievements

1st place favourite


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Past Achievements

1st Winner and Best Concept & Design

ICECC 2018

Held Offline in Surabaya. The first time we used new innovation which is water turbine to create movement. It's not easy because lots of unknown variable, but we still proceed forward

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