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We can't stand alone, here are the Spektronics Team members who give their dedication in a team. Students from various departments at the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology participated and shared their ideas, resulting in success in international competitions.


The Technical Division is in charge of researching, creating innovation, and developing Chem-E-Car. All aspects, including chemical reaction, car design, and electrical elements, are carefully inspected to assemble a Chem-E-Car / Chemical Reaction Car that can run and stop accurately without overlooking the safety aspects. We passionately research green energy to fuel the car, such as Battery, fuel cell, thermo electric generator, and pressure. Here is the chance to improve technical skillset, presentation skills, and engineering software utilization. Soft skills such as work in a team will also be enhanced along the way.

Technical Team
Non Technical Team
Non Technical Team


Responsible for accurately researching the suited chemical reaction as an energy source and stopping mechanism by data approach to get perfect composition.


Responsible for designing and developing the mechanical aspects of the car, such as chassis, by also considering the design efficiency.


Responsible for making sure the electrical component, especially the electrical-based sensor, work in unison to enhance the car's performance.

Non Technical Team
Technical Team
Non Technical Team

Technical Team

The Non-technical division supports the process making of the Chem-E-Car on non-technical aspects. We ensure all the internal and external affairs run perfectly, including financial, administration, public relations, creative branding, and sponsorship.It is crucial to have a solid base for a journey toward peaks of excellence. Here, the skill set of managing and reading data, communicating with external parties, and maintaining interconnectivity with the media is essential. Thus, developing support to research the car and bring glory in the name of our country, Indonesia.


Responsible of correspondence, financial managing, and dealing directly with ITS internals, including the Student Directorate (DITMAWA) and ITS Student Parents Association (IKOMA).


Responsible for proposing cooperation with companies and external parties to be able to benefit both parties, including satisfactory relations and press.


Responsible for documentation and preserving our brand to the public through social media. Graphic design and videography will likely improve here.

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