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As a research team, we always try to prioritize innovation in every step we take. We believe that innovation can help to drive the wheels of technology growth in Indonesia. Spektronics ITS is here as a catalyst that wants to accelerate the growth of ideas through the research we do. For more than a decade, we have participated in various national and international chem-e car competitions, and we want to expand our wings further by developing other innovations in "real-time". We are committed to being a forum for student development in the future for the advancement of science and knowledge in Indonesia. "GLORIUS BLUE!"

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Chem-Reaction Car

More than a decade, in 2022, we have created more than 20 generations of Chem-E-Cars that have excelled in each of their competitions.



The role of the younger generation in problem solving is critical to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations. As a result, Paper & Invention is held so that students can provide solutions to problems in society, the environment, and their surroundings.


Past Achievements

Hardiyanto Dwi Putra Wijaya

1st Generation of Spektronics. Founder and CEO of PT. Hydro Advance Indonesia & PT. Hidro Rekayasa Teknologi

Jadikanlah Spektronics ini Wadah Awal untuk Belajar "Team Work" untuk bekal menghadapi dunia pasca kampus. Dalam Spektronics, Kalian dapat berkarya bersama dan membangun skill yang dibutuhkan dalam sebuah "Tim International"

Past Achievements

Regia Puspitasari

Mahasiwa Berprestasi (Mawapres) ITS 2018

Spektronics is a great place for those who eager to learn something new. This team provides very good skills development on leadership. team work, and communication. It's a place for high motivation person, because this team has high dreams & outstanding achievement to be maintained.

Past Achievements

Taris Farizan Rochman

IISMA Awardee 2021

Spektronics will open up endless opportunities. It will give you a complete skillset to thrive as a student, and most importantly as a person. Being in Spektronics also help me get into and through the student exchange program at Penn state.

Past Achievements

Mokhammad Rifqi Furtiansyah

Process Engineer

Kontribusi adalah kewajiban bagi setiap insan yang masih memiliki kepedulian dalam dirinya dan inovasi merupakan sebuah tuntutan bagi manusia yang memiliki pemikiran kritis dan terbuka terhadap permasalahan yang ada. Menjadi bagian dari Spektronics adalah pilihan tepat bagi siapa saja yang ingin berkontribusi dan berinovasi. Tim ini dapat menampung segala bentuk kerja keras dan ide-ide liar yang muncul. Dengan budaya brainstorming yang efektif, eksekusi lapangan yang baik, dan dilengkapi dengan tim yang solid membuat prestasi menghiasi sejarah nama Spektronics. Teruslah berkontribusi dan menjadi kebanggaan, Glorious Blue!

Past Achievements

Muhammad Daffa Rizdhiya Sadek

Analyst at Deloitte

I've been a part of all sorts of organizations, yet none of them came close with Spektronics that taught me to work with different people & to be brave when things get tough. It's not easy, but if you managed to stay till the end, you will be prepared for anything.

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